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From the earth, and for the earth

Moving towards a more sustainable future is something we all have a part to play in. At Matakana Skincare we believe that every action we take should be grounded in an ethos of kaitiakitanga, environmental care. After all, our products begin in nature, so it’s our duty to protect it.

A circular approach

For us, that means ensuring any waste created from our products can be diverted from landfill and reused, upcycled or recycled where possible.

Much of our product packaging can be easily repurposed, composted, or recycled at home, but some components require specialised recycling. Our customers in New Zealand and Australia can return any hard-to-recycle packaging to us free of charge which we collate, and then send on to Terracycle for specialised recycling.

A little effort today could mean a better tomorrow for our planet.

How it works

1. Make a note of which packaging components can be returned to Matakana Skincare for specialist recycling (see below for a list of packaging recycled by us).
2. We recommend that you keep the ecommerce shipping box that your order came in and start filling it with your used skin care packaging. Alternatively, you can use your own box or a courier bag (preferably compostable).
3. Please ensure that your Matakana Skincare empties are cleaned thoroughly. We recommend that you collect enough components to fill your box before shipping, to help reduce carbon emissions. Paper or other biodegradable packaging material should be inserted to cushion any glass jars and bottles and prevent breakages during transit.
4. To request a free return shipping label, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. Once your request has been received, we will send you a shipping label by email which you can then print off and attach to your recyclables parcel for delivery to Matakana Skincare.
5. Once you have collected enough items to send us:
• Tape box so it is closed securely.
• Attach your return shipping label.
• Drop off at your local post office for delivery to us.

Please note that we don’t accept packaging or items for recycling from other brands.

Packaging recycled by us:

• Matakana Skincare sample pots and closures.
• Matakana Skincare Signature Range: Miron violet glass jars and bottles (alternatively, these can be added to your kerbside glass recycling), lids, caps, lotion pumps, atomisers, pipettes. Please DO NOT send back broken glass
• Matakana Skincare Craft Range: lids, caps, lotion pumps, atomisers, pipettes.

Packaging recycled by you:

• Matakana Skincare Signature Range: Product cartons (these can be added to your kerbside paper recycling). We do accept returns of Miron violet glass jars and bottles but they can also be added to your kerbside glass recycling.
• Matakana Skincare Craft Range: Amber glass jars and bottles (these can be added to your kerbside glass recycling).
• Ecommerce shipping box (this can be added to your kerbside paper recycling or used to return items for us to recycle).
• Secondary packaging and box inserts (these can be added to your kerbside paper recycling).

Need a return shipping label?