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"Our vision is to create beauty products that have a truly positive impact on the skin, and the planet."

Founded in the Matakana region of New Zealand in 2012, home to spectacular vineyards and artisanal produce, Matakana Skincare’s creator believed that the foundation of good skincare lay not in a laboratory, but in nature. The idea was to keep things simple, without taking any shortcuts. Through research, testing and development, Matakana Skincare’s founder harnessed by hand the power of natural ingredients to create effective formulations which are both good for the skin and good for the environment.

Remaining true to these founding values, we’ve been continuing the journey started by Matakana Skincare’s founder since 2018, after experiencing ourselves the positive results of these products.

Since then, we’ve closely explored how the powerful properties of plants, chosen for their efficacy in healing, protecting, nourishing and soothing, can work in synergy with the skin and have expanded our range of products, while keeping nature at the centre of skincare.

Closely connected to the land, we’re driven by the principles of kaitiakitanga and a desire to leave a lighter footprint and a legacy of change. Inspired by the natural resources and beautiful environments that surround our Waipu studio, it’s our commitment to help others realise the healing benefits of botanical skincare, while doing minimal impact on the world around us.

We’re Dan and Lara – a husband and wife team, a Kiwi and an Aussie, and parents to three young boys. As a family-run business, we proudly make decisions in alignment with what matters most to us - the wellbeing of our family, and our planet.

Quality, freshness, and a personal touch are an important part of our promise to you - which is why we take ownership of every step of the journey from product creation to delivery. We formulate and manufacture all of our products ourselves in our Waipu studio, and are incredibly proud to share the fruits of our labour.

Dan (Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Rangitihi), a farmer by trade, has always felt a deep connection to ‘te whenua’ – the land, and a mindful appreciation of earth’s natural resources and how they can positively impact both people and the world we live in. Dan shares Lara’s enthusiasm and vision for building a business that makes a real difference to people’s lives while also doing good by the planet.

Lara moved to New Zealand from Australia in 2011 to undertake a Bachelor in Health Science degree, majoring in Acupuncture. With an immense passion for women’s health and wellness, Lara’s experience as a natural therapist - along with a slight obsession with natural skincare, served as the main catalysts in taking on this skincare venture. Making skincare products is a real labour of love for Lara, and one which she takes great pleasure in sharing with you all.

We invite you to experience beauty with a clean conscience. Introduce your skin to Matakana Skincare and let’s face each day fresh, together.

Lara & Dan
Matakana Skincare