Matakana Skincare’s Exfoliation 101

Beautiful skin doesn’t just happen – it needs a helping hand, especially as you reach your 20’s and beyond. That glowing skin of your youth unfortunately starts to fade because, even as early as your 20’s, your collagen levels begin to deplete. The skin starts to ever so slowly lose its radiance and elasticity begins to breakdown.

A thorough cleansing and moisturising regime using high quality Matakana skincare products helps to restore lost elasticity and youthfulness but to really benefit from a fabulous complexion that turns heads, your routine should become a ritual that’s performed every day throughout your adult life! It’s a ritual that’s relaxing and nurturing, something that you do for you, that “me” time you want that’s so important. Part of that cleansing and moisturising ritual is exfoliation. To constantly refresh and renew skin and banish fine lines, exfoliation is a very important part of any skincare routine but there’s an art to it. Let Matakana Skincare walk you through exfoliation, what it is, why you need to do it and what the benefits are for your skin.

Why Do You Need to Exfoliate?

As mentioned above, exfoliating your skin gives it a chance to gently slough away dead skin cells, remove deep dirt and impurities to reveal a glowing, refreshed and rejuvenated complexion.

It’s also anti-aging, exfoliation helps with skin cell turnover – getting rid of the old, dead skin cells stimulates production of new cells. Exfoliating with the right products helps to encourage collagen production and restore the skin so it looks younger.

The season changes make a difference too. You might find that the heat of the summer makes your skin dry; or perhaps oilier than usual. The central heating in the winter also dehydrates skin. Exfoliation is good to help combat oiliness and get rid of dry patches.

If you have dull skin, exfoliating it should make a world of difference – in just one, short session! Exfoliation takes less than five minutes, so even if you’re really busy, you should be able to find 5 minutes a couple of times a week, a small price to pay for beautiful skin.

Don’t Over-Exfoliate

However, over-exfoliation can also damage skin so it’s really important to use gentle movements and never too much pressure. Using the right products is also important, abrasive products can damage the top layer of your skin so choose gentle, natural exfoliation skincare products like our Matakana Gentle Face Polisher which works as a moisturiser at the same time, replenishing the skin and rehydrating it while it removes dead skin cells. Our exfoliating product is made with Manuka honey, rice flour, organic rosehip, organic evening primrose oil and olive oil to give skin a super vitamin-boost. Aloe Vera is another active ingredient in our polisher that makes this exfoliator suitable for even the most sensitive skins, as it calms and soothes inflammation. You’ll love the scent too; it’s a blend of vanilla, lavender, orange and Ylang Ylang. We make the ritual of exfoliation a real joy!

How Often Should You Exfoliate?

There is no rule on how often but you definitely don’t need to exfoliate more than twice a week and it depends on your skin type. If your skin is exceptionally dry and flaky once a week should suffice. If you’re prone to breakouts, you might want to exfoliate twice a week. If you notice your skin becomes aggravated, or overly dry then you’re exfoliating too much or you’re rubbing too hard. You don’t need much exfoliator either, a little tiny pea size amount of our Gentle Skin Polisher is enough to exfoliate your face (and don’t forget your neck too).

How to Exfoliate

Firstly, always start with clean, dry skin (un-moisturised). Most exfoliators need a little water to create a “scrub”, so next, dampen your fingers or a washcloth and pat it over your face. Taking a small amount of Gentle Face Polisher (no more than a pea), gently rub it all over your face (and neck too).

Use light, upward strokes to help combat fine lines. Repeat this action all over your face and neck. Exfoliate your skin over your bathroom sink to catch the dead skin cells. You will find that the tiny exfoliating rice flour pieces gather up dead skin cells, you’ll experience a feeling of flakiness, that’s the skin cells which should fall away, into the bathroom sink. This is the Gentle Face Polisher doing its job!

Spend a few minutes sloughing off the dead skin cells until you feel your skin starting to smooth itself. Then, splash lukewarm water over your face to remove any excess polisher residue and tone (to refine the pores) if you like using toner (our Rose and Chamomile Toner is exceptionally soothing and refreshing).

Complete your exfoliating session with our healing Rejuvenating Face Serum which is packed with antioxidant vitamins and it’s a great product to use after exfoliating. Serum really penetrates deeply into the skin for the best possible anti-aging results.

Finish up with our Divine Day Cream or our Luxurious Night Cream if you perform your treatment just before bed.